CIAS has connections with 20 associates all around the world. These associates provide services in giving expert information, advice, counseling, assistance and representation for all North American educational institutions.

SERVICES: The services offered by CIAS include

  • Assistance in selecting best Program & College
  • Student counseling and document processing
  • Submitting application to colleges on the behalf of the students
  • Following up with colleges and students, to provide latest updates to either
  • Providing Acceptance letter from the College
  • Visa guidance & assistance in financial document preparation, Statement of Purpose, visa questionnaire and interview
  • Providing Post Landing Services like Airport pickup, accommodation, opening bank account etc.
  • Acts as a link between colleges, students and their families
  • Assistance in preparing cover letters and resumes
  • Assistance with Health insurance/Tax Filing
  • Assistance with extension of study permit, extension of student visa and conversion of single-entry to multiple entry visa and work permits.
  • Acquiring HRDC validation, searching for employment possibilities, applying for work permits. We also have tie ups with various employers for job opportunities and Co-Op
  • Assistance in getting permanent residence, sponsorships and visitor visa


  • Joint collaboration of Canadian Colleges with various educational institutes in India, UAE and UK.
  • Facilitate on-the-spot admissions and educational seminars.
  • Arranged employment and co-op opportunities with respective companies.
  • Conversation Cafes, as well as, resume clinics are available for assistance.



CIAS Represented Colleges:

  • Sheridan College Brampton, Trafalgar
  • Okanagan College (B.C.)
  • Humber College (Etobicoke, Ontario)
  • Niagara College (Welland, Ontario)


Scholarships & Bursaries

CIAS makes financial help available through arrangement of scholarships and bursaries. We also award two scholarships of CDN$ 1000 each to international students every year.


Services provided to more than 2000 international students:

  • Registered over1950 students
  • Visa Approvals: 1396
  • Counseling services: 1234
  • Referral services: 570
  • Resume Clinic: 286
  • Job Search Workshops: 361
  • Co-Op/Business Placement: 220
  • Job Placement: 137
  • Volunteer Training: 130
  • Post landing Services: 490
  • Accommodation Arranged: 395
  • Forms filled: 721 (extension of study permit/work permit/visa, Multiple entry visa)

TARGET FOR 2016: To recruit more than 300 students.

CATCHMENT AREA: We are extending our market to Kenya, Switzerland, UAE, and UK

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