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How did you come to know about CIAS ?
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If your answer is associates, Please mention the name and address:
Mr. Krishnamurty (INDIA)
Mr. Arvinder Singh (INDIA)
Mr. Saranjit Singh Batth (INDIA)
Ms. Huma Khan (PAKISTAN)
Ms. Ane Teotilo (SOUTH AMERICA)

CIAS Represented Colleges:

  • Lincoln University, Oakland California
  • St Clair, College, Windsor Ontario
  • University of California, Oakland California
  • Algonquin College


Scholarships & Bursaries

CIAS makes financial help available through arrangement of scholarships and bursaries. We also award two scholarships of CDN$ 1000 each to international students every year.


Services provided to more than 2000 international students:

  • Registered over1950 students
  • Visa Approvals: 1396
  • Counseling services: 1234
  • Referral services: 570
  • Resume Clinic: 286
  • Job Search Workshops: 361
  • Co-Op/Business Placement: 220
  • Job Placement: 137
  • Volunteer Training: 130
  • Post landing Services: 490
  • Accommodation Arranged: 395
  • Forms filled: 721 (extension of study permit/work permit/visa, Multiple entry visa)

TARGET FOR 2016: To recruit more than 300 students.

CATCHMENT AREA: We are extending our market to Kenya, Switzerland, UAE, and UK

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