CIAS provides placement services to companies, finding quality employees of the right fit for their organization needs.

Our excellent client representation and trustworthy relationship with many top employers allow our clients the most attain suitable employment and like Head Hunter CIAS Inc. recruits exceptional candidates with the required skillset and qualification, most suitable for the business position.

Opportunities are available for International students who have valid work permits as well as new immigrants and Canadian citizens in skilled labour aspiring to pursue a career at the professional level.


placement service

CIAS Represented Colleges:

  • Lincoln University, Oakland California
  • St Clair, College, Windsor Ontario
  • University of California, Oakland California
  • Algonquin College


Scholarships & Bursaries

CIAS makes financial help available through arrangement of scholarships and bursaries. We also award two scholarships of CDN$ 1000 each to international students every year.


Services provided to more than 2000 international students:

  • Registered over1950 students
  • Visa Approvals: 1396
  • Counseling services: 1234
  • Referral services: 570
  • Resume Clinic: 286
  • Job Search Workshops: 361
  • Co-Op/Business Placement: 220
  • Job Placement: 137
  • Volunteer Training: 130
  • Post landing Services: 490
  • Accommodation Arranged: 395
  • Forms filled: 721 (extension of study permit/work permit/visa, Multiple entry visa)

TARGET FOR 2016: To recruit more than 300 students.

CATCHMENT AREA: We are extending our market to Kenya, Switzerland, UAE, and UK

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